Comedy story for free! The name of the story is: “The window tint is that dark.”

Story Time

In 2009 just as we were heading out to “Cut ‘N’ Paste” one of funniest stories I have on me happened. I just had my window tint finished on my car. I was waiting to start the 250+ mile journey to the show when no other than Joe walks right up to my window and leans in to look right at me.

He did say anything or make any gesture like I was even there. At first, I didn’t realize what he was doing until he started to lift his hand towards his face. One thing is for sure that may have been the most amount of pimple juice I have ever seen come out of a zit.

Once he was done I simply rolled down the window and smiled. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Joe, on the other hand, did not find it so funny. He hates me for sharing this story but then again it’s just a pimple. I have 5 of them on my butt right now.

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