Jeff being stuck inside his garage almost caused us to miss School House Wrong

In 2011 Jeff almost stopped our show at School House Wrong. The story about how it happened reminds me of just life. Life is so random sometimes is makes me laugh. No one can say that the randomness doesn’t annoy them from time to time but then again life wouldn’t be what it is without it.

Did you know that when a garage door spring breaks it can take the entire door out of commission and lock your car inside? NO? Neither did Jeff. Although hilarious and a mess we were able to get through to hick-up. We were able to post to facebook our issue and find a fan who also owns a garage door repair business as well to come and repair the spring himself.

With no time at all to prepare we were able to do the entire show without missing a beat. Please check out New Haven Garage Door Repair ACE website as well as their business. Huge thanks to them for continuing to sponsor us in our re-opening.


Click here to view Garage Door Repair ACE website