Sponsor and life saver the water damage experts. Why we wouldnt be here today without them!

The story of how we began to could not be done without the mentioning of 911 Restoration Birmingham. 2009 was a fantastic year for Three Dollar Bill Comedy however, it could have ended terribly. We had simply rented out a fantastic lodge to have our show in. the lodge had an open bar and plenty of seating to charge a hefty ticket.


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We were able to charge a high price ticket and be in a small focused audience. It was perfect. The first half of the show went amazingly well. The second half not so much. However,  it does allow me to introduce Elton Riley himself. He was just a visitor and an audience member but because of his skills, he was able to save the say.

Sean had left the water running (stoner) in the kitchen. The water was up nearly 2 and a half inches before any of us had even noticed. The water damage expert rushed out to his truck and made one phone call. Within a couple hours the room was emptied of water and fans were drying the place up. He has to to be my first and number one should out.