Interested in coming to a comedy show?

First off if you’re interested in booking us for a comedy show then contact us here. If you want to see us in action then buy your tickets as soon as you see there available. Honestly from time to we will be able to score gigs at nearby (local) or across state lines if there are valuable enough for me.

Come on and laugh until you drop as our stand up comedians take the funny to whole different level. With comedic themes like a zombie apocalypse, dry humor, If (blank) would have won WW2, what happens to the surviving gummy bears? and much more!

I would recommend drinking much milk before the visit to Three Dollar Bill Comedy show. We will have the milk you drank saying hello again as our performers take you out of your seat with family fun comedy.

One thing is for sure and that is you will have fun. I know some of the content may seem like random jabber but know this. If you come to one of our shows you will have a great time. I can guarantee that you will a lot of fun and the great times will continue. With so many performers we’re able to change up our style so much.