What are our shows like?

A show by Three Dollar Bill Comedy is like no other out there. We are guaranteed to blow your socks right off just walking into the room you can feel the energy and what you’re about to got through. We are not scripted but we do go off a loose schedule. We want to give a good time without feeling to structured to planned.

The freestyle of comedy we perform from time to time is like other. We get a lot of support from our sponsors. Many of them only as for a shout and we enjoy that. In this blog, I’ll be sure to give many of our sponsors the reconstitution. If you’re looking to sponsor us the contact us here.


if you’re enjoying the content I’m sharing then you will sure enjoy the very best. One thing is for sure is that if you like to laugh, drink, and generally have a good time and enjoy life then you would love to come to one of our shows.

Hey check out this youtube channel for more on great comedy.