A Career in Comedy is a big deal!

There truly aren’t┬ámany of us career comedians out there today. Although the ones that area left are here to stay. We want nothing more than to be successful in our own lives. We know comedy and have been doing it for a very long time. It’s feeling a crowd see if it’s the right time to pull a controversial┬ájoke out of the box.

I love everything in comedy and want to continue to do it. I’m starting this blog with the support of many people and businesses around my area. I enjoy being a comedian and being able to meet do many amazing people on the way to being coming full time and depended on my career as a comedian.

When it comes to the best in punch lines Larry Woolf is the man to go to. He has built a huge character all around literally the direct opposite of Larry the cable guy. Our Larry is:

  • Soft spoken
  • Kinda an introvert (at least more relatable to)
  • Runners body type
  • Obviously from the city life

I can say that just because I’m southern, however when it comes to amazing comedians this guy is the best around today in my opinion.

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