Comedy story for free! The name of the story is: “The window tint is that dark.”

Story Time

In 2009 just as we were heading out to “Cut ‘N’ Paste” one of funniest stories I have on me happened. I just had my window tint finished on my car. I was waiting to start the 250+ mile journey to the show when no other than Joe walks right up to my window and leans in to look right at me.

He did say anything or make any gesture like I was even there. At first, I didn’t realize what he was doing until he started to lift his hand towards his face. One thing is for sure that may have been the most amount of pimple juice I have ever seen come out of a zit.

Once he was done I simply rolled down the window and smiled. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Joe, on the other hand, did not find it so funny. He hates me for sharing this story but then again it’s just a pimple. I have 5 of them on my butt right now.

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Jeff being stuck inside his garage almost caused us to miss School House Wrong

In 2011 Jeff almost stopped our show at School House Wrong. The story about how it happened reminds me of just life. Life is so random sometimes is makes me laugh. No one can say that the randomness doesn’t annoy them from time to time but then again life wouldn’t be what it is without it.

Did you know that when a garage door spring breaks it can take the entire door out of commission and lock your car inside? NO? Neither did Jeff. Although hilarious and a mess we were able to get through to hick-up. We were able to post to facebook our issue and find a fan who also owns a garage door repair business as well to come and repair the spring himself.

With no time at all to prepare we were able to do the entire show without missing a beat. Please check out New Haven Garage Door Repair ACE website as well as their business. Huge thanks to them for continuing to sponsor us in our re-opening.


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Sponsor and life saver the water damage experts. Why we wouldnt be here today without them!

The story of how we began to could not be done without the mentioning of 911 Restoration Birmingham. 2009 was a fantastic year for Three Dollar Bill Comedy however, it could have ended terribly. We had simply rented out a fantastic lodge to have our show in. the lodge had an open bar and plenty of seating to charge a hefty ticket.


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We were able to charge a high price ticket and be in a small focused audience. It was perfect. The first half of the show went amazingly well. The second half not so much. However,  it does allow me to introduce Elton Riley himself. He was just a visitor and an audience member but because of his skills, he was able to save the say.

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What are our shows like?

A show by Three Dollar Bill Comedy is like no other out there. We are guaranteed to blow your socks right off just walking into the room you can feel the energy and what you’re about to got through. We are not scripted but we do go off a loose schedule. We want to give a good time without feeling to structured to planned.

The freestyle of comedy we perform from time to time is like other. We get a lot of support from our sponsors. Many of them only as for a shout and we enjoy that. In this blog, I’ll be sure to give many of our sponsors the reconstitution. If you’re looking to sponsor us the contact us here.


if you’re enjoying the content I’m sharing then you will sure enjoy the very best. One thing is for sure is that if you like to laugh, drink, and generally have a good time and enjoy life then you would love to come to one of our shows.

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A Career in Comedy is a big deal!

There truly aren’t many of us career comedians out there today. Although the ones that area left are here to stay. We want nothing more than to be successful in our own lives. We know comedy and have been doing it for a very long time. It’s feeling a crowd see if it’s the right time to pull a controversial joke out of the box.

I love everything in comedy and want to continue to do it. I’m starting this blog with the support of many people and businesses around my area. I enjoy being a comedian and being able to meet do many amazing people on the way to being coming full time and depended on my career as a comedian.

When it comes to the best in punch lines Larry Woolf is the man to go to. He has built a huge character all around literally the direct opposite of Larry the cable guy. Our Larry is:

  • Soft spoken
  • Kinda an introvert (at least more relatable to)
  • Runners body type
  • Obviously from the city life

I can say that just because I’m southern, however when it comes to amazing comedians this guy is the best around today in my opinion.

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Interested in coming to a comedy show?

First off if you’re interested in booking us for a comedy show then contact us here. If you want to see us in action then buy your tickets as soon as you see there available. Honestly from time to we will be able to score gigs at nearby (local) or across state lines if there are valuable enough for me.

Come on and laugh until you drop as our stand up comedians take the funny to whole different level. With comedic themes like a zombie apocalypse, dry humor, If (blank) would have won WW2, what happens to the surviving gummy bears? and much more!

I would recommend drinking much milk before the visit to Three Dollar Bill Comedy show. We will have the milk you drank saying hello again as our performers take you out of your seat with family fun comedy.

One thing is for sure and that is you will have fun. I know some of the content may seem like random jabber but know this. If you come to one of our shows you will have a great time. I can guarantee that you will a lot of fun and the great times will continue. With so many performers we’re able to change up our style so much.